Nevada Rimflow/flushdeck

The Nevada spa can be manufactured with a rimflow or flushdeck. This feature reduces water loss and spillage when the spa is in use. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing feature and allows for water to be filled to the brim similar to the “infinity pool” concept.

Standard Features
• 10 to 12 rotating, fixed and midi jets
• Dual/ double pump station (0.75 circulation pump,
• 1.1kW jet pump, air blower, 4kW heating element,
• filter cartridge and casing)
• Rimflow channel and grids
• 1000 litre storage tank installed below spa for
• water overflow
• Foot spa with floor bubbles
• Blue underwater LED light
• Digital controller with dual function timer
• 4 spa mounted mushroom bellow buttons
• Floor suction

Optional upgrades
• Spa cover options (see spa accessories)
• Pump cover (if pump station installed outdoors)
• “Ozonator” water purification system
• (see spa accessories)