Welcome to Scandi

Scandi is a proudly South African manufacturer of high quality spas/Jacuzzi’s, Steam generators, steam cabins and sauna rooms.
We afford you the luxury of de-stressing, both alone, as well as in the company of your loved ones – at the place you feel most comfortable


What is a steam room?

A steam room uses a steam generator to give off wet, humid heat (as opposed to a sauna which gives off dry heat). Typically the temperature in a steam room ranges from 43 to 46 degrees Celsius.


Helps to relieve stress

A Spa/Jacuzzi is a tub which is produced in various shapes and sizes. It is fitted with jets and air bubbles for hydrotherapy benefits. Most spas/Jacuzzi’s have the benefit of heated water.


Improves blood flow

A sauna is a room insulated from roof to ceiling with untreated wood to retain heat from the heat source. The sauna heater is the “heart of the sauna” and radiates heat through sauna rocks.


Scandi Spa caters for both – homeowners as well as the commercial sector (hotels, gyms, beauty salons, hospitals and treatment centres etc.)